Friday, February 13, 2015

Voodoo Dream Date Swap

My swap arrived today, and my partner received her swap yesterday, so now I can share!
This is what my lovely partner sent me!
My voodoo is adorable and perfectly me, anatomy is awesome!  Check our this lil gal in all her glory:

She has the cutest little heart on her bum too, she's based on the monster high logo!
Also included were:
Tea, Candy, Roving, Cat toys, notecards and buttons!

And here's the little fellows I sent out:
Buttons, pompom maker, stitch markers and an Olaf voodoo, a regular voodoo, and a mini gnome!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mysteries Unveiled and Started!

I previously wrote about the CBD January Mystery Mitts, having posted clues 1-3.  The pattern is now available for half price, Tessellating Diamonds.

Here are clues 4-8, my finished mitt.

Clue 4:

Clue 5:

Clue 6 and 7:

Clue 8, Finished, inside and out:

There are a few more KALs going on that are still available for signups!
- The CBD Mystery Cowl is still available to join until the 4th (I think.)
- Phoenix Knits is holding a Mystery Toy KAL, the pattern is free until the kal is over.
Untangling Knots is still holding the Selfish Sweater KAL for the next two weeks, though patterns are no longer on sale.
- Susan Claudino Designs is continuing the Jan/Feb kal with 7 projects gaining you double ballots for a prize.
- Reddit's February Kal has 2 teams, one for each pattern (Oddity and Eugenia's Mittens)
- The Project A Month Group has two patterns this month as well, Stardust Mittens and Valentine Sox.

Feel free to join and mention other kals on Ravelry I may have missed!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Voodoo and Cats...

I previously mentioned I was partaking in the voodoo dream date swap.  I've knit and shopped and will be sending out soon, however after knitting the pattern and seeing all the cute little voodoos going about, I had to make one for myself!
Here she is:

This pattern is so fun to knit, and so cute when it's done, I'm going to have to knit quite a few more. I already have an idea for the yarn for one of them - a birthday gift! You may be expecting some pictures of the kittens from the title of this entry. Instead, I would like to forward you to the ever talented Valerie Johnson's (Wandering Cat Studio) blog. She's currently running a sale on her Ravelry store to help her friend bring some special little furballs to Canada (read the blog entry for details, or just great knitting and cat posts!), and until February 7th you can take 50% off your purchase with a coupon code found on her page. I wanted to help out with her incredibly generous gift, so I purchased a few patterns myself - I'm a sucker for a happy ending! Despite not being able to work on small needles for any length of time, I chose some of the sock patterns I've been wanting to buy since I messed up my shoulder. I figured it could be great incentive to slowly work towards getting back to those size 0 needles. I've been working on a sock on size 2 needles, but trying not to overdo it.

 Morning Glory:
Photo by Valerie Johnson

Photo by Valerie Johnson

The other is an e-book, containing 3 patterns:  
Garden Path, Garden Gate and Secret Garden.
Photo by Valerie Johnson
Photo by Valerie Johnson
Photo by Valerie Johnson
There are plenty of adorable patterns to choose from, and the pattern code is redeemable more than once, so head over to Wandering Cat Studio and check it out!